Trixie in The Labyrinth...


In the center of the Wheeler Game Preserve, there was a little bit of land that was still wild, still part of the Hudson River Valley as it had been when the first settlers had come to the area now called Sleepyside-on-the-Hudson. There were no regular trails, and no way to find your way home in the dark...with a catamount yowling in the distance. But Trixie did find something there - the 7th Bob White. Dan Mangan finally proved himself by helping rescue Bobby from the bottom of that cave at the center of the Labyrinth - and did anyone else notice the 'clew' of thread that Trixie used to find her way out?

My stories try to see the Bob Whites of the Glen from a different direction, and with the help of a newcomer to Sleepyside - Gwen Hart - I'm giving Dan a lot more lines (and a lot more angst!). So, pick up the switchblade Luke gave you, follow the yarn of Trixie's unraveled sweater back to the cave, and sit around the campfire until Regan and the boys come to the rescue. I've got some stories to tell...about what happens when a Bad Example meets a Dark Reflection...

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